Services We Provide

Third Party Inspections

These inspections are performed for many different reasons for example, Corporate evaluation of equipment, facility and or maintenance programs, Insurance company pre-coverage inspections, Insurance company loss control surveys, Internal reviews for the owner to provide feedback on areas that could be improved upon and or to learn of industry best practices that they may not be aware of that our associates have extensive knowledge of.

Certification Inspections

These types of inspections are typically performed for companies that operate in States that do not use State Inspectors or that allow Third Party Inspectors to perform these Annual certification Inspections. Our team of associates are Certified / Authorized / Approved or whatever type of Documentation given by State agencies and or Insurance Companies to perform these Inspections. Another example of these type of inspections would be "Affidavit of Compliance" inspections most commonly performed in the State of Florida for our many clients already using our services in Florida.

Facility Audits

These inspections are typically performed at Amusement parks, Water Parks, Family Fun Centers, etc. and are tailored to the clients needs or requests. They can include a review of all guest areas looking for potential exposures that could cause harm to the guests and or employees. These audits can also include the "Back of House" areas such as maintenance areas, storage areas, mechanical rooms, Kitchen areas, etc. These audits are conducted using the most current industry standards and best practices to assist our clients with providing the safest facility and help reduce potential exposures.

Loss Control Surveys

We perform Underwriting Surveys and Loss Control Inspections for various Insurance companies to identify potential exposures for the insured as well as the insurance company. These surveys are a valuable service to our Insurance Company partners and we have performed them in almost every State.

Contract Compliance Audits

These Audits have been conducted for large State Fairs to verify the Carnival provider is supplying the equipment and services that are identified in their contract with the Fair. Our Associates work closely with the Fair Officials and The Midway provider to ensure all sections of the contract have been met.

Documentation Reviews

Documentation is quite possibly the most important aspect of operating an Amusement / Water Park, Carnival, Family Fun Center, etc. "If you Don't document it you Didn't do it". This review is conducted of the paperwork or electronic file for the various things that our industry must document such as but not limited to; Daily inspection logs, Maintenance logs, Annual testing required by the Manufacturer or State agency, Operator Training, Lifeguard certifications, etc. Our Associates have the experience to help your company make your documentation program the best and most current with industry standards.

Operator Training

Employee training is a key part of maintaining a safe and successful operation. We have Associates that can help with improving your current training program or create a program if you currently have minimal training procedures in place. These programs are tailor made for your operation no matter the size or type of operation, we have programs that can work for your operation.

Training Classes

We have provided training seminars Worldwide and have taught classes for years at the Annual Safety Seminars of Both (NAARSO) National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials and AIMS International. We can develop a training series for your particular needs and these services are performed on a very specific topic that our clients request.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT/NDE)

Several manufacturers and State Agencies require annual testing of welds and or components using various methods of testing. We have certified technicians to perform these tests and can develop a program to perform testing for your operation whether it be a single amusement ride or an entire park we have the staff and knowledge to perform these tests. Contact us for quote or to discuss your Non-Destructive Testing needs.

Ride Re-Location / Setup / Disassembly

Through our partner company ALW Consulting Inc. we offer Ride disassembly, repair and reassembly services. We also have a team of associates that can assist in performing maintenance at your amusement park or carnival and provide training to your staff while doing these tasks. We have a team of electrical technicians that can diagnose issues with the drives and controls of amusement rides and assist in making repairs or make the repairs for you. Every job is different, and every issue is unique and we aim to keep the equipment operating properly.

We have relocated rides of any size from Kiddie Merry Go Rounds to Large Roller Coasters - no job is too big or small. Our team has helped many clients get their rides up and running and we look forward to helping future clients with all their amusement ride related issues.  Contact us for more information.